CK Creative is a web design and graphic design studio based in Somerset

website-wireframeWe love websites and good design here at CK Creative and pride ourselves in using the latest web standards, coupled with cutting edge design.

At its heart, CK Creative is a fun yet professional web design studio in Somerset. Although we are based in the apple orchards of Yeovil, our clients need not be (and aren’t!). We provide personal and top notch service to businesses and entrepreneurs no matter where they are located. CK Creative have been building affordable websites since 2008, and we plan to be around for our clients for a very long time.

The days of the standalone website are over. Today’s digital marketing solution calls for a coordinated effort involving web, email, search, social media and more – and a partner skilled in this new world of internet presence management.

At  CK Creative we help our clients develop smart long-term strategies for leveraging multiple digital platforms and distribution channels to acquire customers and build deep and powerful relationships. We can handle technology integration, online marketing, e-commerce, web traffic analysis, search engine promotion, web site content updates as well as our bread and butter web site design. And since digital lives within the wider world, CK Creative also offers print, offline marketing, signage and many other aspects of marketing design.

Started by Chris Kirkham back in 2008, CK Creative has grown into a successful web design studio, and now utilises a busy-bee team of talented and smiley professionals.